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Kimi Ga Ima Boku Wo Sasaete

Boku Ga Ima Kimi Mo Sasae Ru

~_~*~ Rasuberry ~*~_~
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Welcome to Rasuberry, a music rotation community and a new place to rant and rave about foreign music and techno/trance. Have fun. ^_^

I subconciously decided to name the site after a song called "Raspberry Heaven" from the anime Azumanga Daioh. Don't ask.


There are a few rules on this site:

1) If you take something provided by another user, please comment on the page. It takes time and effort to upload songs and whatnot. Thank yee! ^^

2) Have fun and don't do too much ecstacy (I hear you'll start seeing visions of gnomes)

3) No Direct Linking

4) For easy formatting, put each song in this. Just copy and paste the code into your journal, inserting what it asks for between the parenthesis and remove the parenthesis.


Our Mods: [link]

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